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RPM Lesson Plans: Gravity (Digital Download)

RPM Lesson Plans: Gravity (Digital Download)


Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Story of Gravity  
  3. Why does the speed of falling objects seem to increase as they come downward?
  4. Weight and Gravity
  5. Why does an Apple will drop on the Ground but Moon will Not!
  6. Developing Visual Skill and Stamina of Reading Paragraphs related to Gravity
  7. If gravity pulls everything down how do Water molecules travel from Roots to Leaves?
  8. Gravity and Tides
  9. How Gravity creates Space-Time Curve (for an older student)
  10. Additional MICRO LESSON topic suggestions to create the student’s interest :
  • What is Roche’s limit?
  • How are Black Holes Formed?
  • What is Event Horizon
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