Training Courses

Level 1 – Introductory Practitioner Course


Number of days - 4 days
Dates of the training:

Parent and Professional -  January 4,5,6,7 (this will be online through the Zoom)

Cost: $950
Who can take the course? Parents and professionals who want to use RPM to help their children and students.

An application form needs to be submitted along with a 5-minute video clip of an RPM session showing you working with your child/ student. (video submission is not required for zoom training course )
The course comprises of 4 days of theoretical training input with vi

deos to demonstrate key points. These are not RPM instructional sessions.
A training workbook will be provided by HALO.

Cancellations may not be refunded because it will be difficult for us to fill up the spot. However if someone wants to mutually transfer the amount to another teacher /parent, HALO will accept that.
Course Content:
1. Principles of RPM
2. How to identify the open learning channels
3. Mental mapping
4. Methodologies to teach academics - Empirical method, Rational methods.
5. The 3 basic skills to develop - Classification skill, Combinatorial skill and Conservation skill
6. 4 objectives of an RPM session - cognitive, skill, tolerance and communication
7. Lesson planning
8. Selecting the student participation method and individualizing it based on the student’s - motor, sensory and emotional readiness
9. Sensory activities –what are they,  how and when to incorporate in lessons.
10. Types of prompts and when to use 
11. Pre-communication stages and how to work towards open communication
12. How to identify the types of Kinesthetic (motor)  actions - impulse, OCD, stimulatory actions and redirecting them towards purposeful motor actions.
13. Principles of redirecting unwanted actions - delay, dilute, scramble
14. Types of verbal students and how to adapt RPM sessions for them
15. Extending RPM to the environment ( for home care uses outside an academic session)  -  body awareness and self help skills, self dictation skills, sensory learning for better participation in the environment
16. How to develop Kinesthetic skills of handwriting and drawing.
Post-course requisite
Cost - $ 85

You may submit a written lesson plan with a 5 - 10 minutes video of the lesson being delivered.

A review (test) through Skype with Soma based on what we covered. There will be a Skype or face time setup.
If Soma is satisfied that you show a good basic understanding she will issue a certificate of completion.
You will receive a certificate of completion - confirming satisfactory completion of the Level 1 Introductory Practitioner course and will be encouraged to continue to practice with your student(s) in order to develop your skills. It is recommended that you arrange to receive regular input from a Certified (intern)  provider by going to observe their sessions and/or skype with them)  and observing any RPM workshops taking place in your area. 
If you wish to become an Approved RPM Level 1 Practitioner, and work with more than 1 student you will be required to submit further videos of your sessions with at least 2 more students. If Soma is satisfied  she will add you to her approved practitioner list.


Following this you can:
Conduct 1:1 sessions with students – explaining to the care givers what you are doing during the sessions so that they know how to go away and begin to work with that student. It is expected that you will continue to need input from a certified (intern)  provider, particularly if working with a challenging student,  and you should be honest about this to the parents of any students you are working with.
If you wish to continue as an Approved Level 1 Practitioner you will be required to submit a 5-10 min video and Skype with Soma at least every 2 years (or more often if she requests it).

Soma Certified Provider (Intern) training


This is by personal invitation only from Soma – to those practitioners who have demonstrated that they have the right aptitude and potential.

Consultations/Zoom Lessons 

You may arrange to submit a video and have a Skype consultation with Soma or you can ask for a Zoom lesson to be delivered by Soma where you will be the facilitator for your child’s responses.
For a 45-minutes consult - $110
For a 30 minutes consult - $85

2 hour - Group zoom consults may be arranged to provide specific topic training eg. How to develop speech skills - contact HALO if you wish to arrange this.