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Parent Advisors


Sue Finnes (U.K.)

Parent Advisor

Sue Finnes has been running a full-time home-based program for her son since he was aged 7. Christopher, now aged 21, has autism, is non-verbal, has sensory issues, dyspraxia and epilepsy. 


Sue has been teaching Chris using the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) since 2011, when she was first able to see Soma Mukhopadhyay in the UK.  She has been so inspired by what she has seen Chris and other students achieve that she decided she wanted to empower more parents to learn and use this method with their children. Sue was previously a Senior Training Manager at Lloyds TSB and is now pleased to be able to use her skills helping others to learn this approach. She works closely with Soma to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is provided to parents on her international Facebook RPM parent learning group "Unlocking Voices -using RPM." Sue works hard to answer parents' questions promptly and to create free learning resources/videos for this group.

In the UK, Sue has set up a not-for- profit Community Interest Company called "Unlocking Voices - Using RPM" and she hosts annual Soma workshops and gives presentations along with Alexandra Hopwood, the UK Soma-certified RPM provider. Sue was honored to be a parent speaker at the HALO-RPM conference in 2017 and has provided input to many of Soma’s books.

Sue takes no fees for anything she does – it is all voluntary.


Meredith Altschuler (U.S.A.)

Parent Advisor

Meredith Altschuler has been immersed in Soma-RPM since starting the academic program with her daughter, Chana, in September 2014. She credits RPM with transforming Chana’s life and the life of their family. 


Meredith, who has an M.S.W. from Tulane University specializing in Children & Families, taught play work to autism families and served as the teacher of a fully integrated non-verbal autism/NT classroom in her area before finding RPM.


She is the creator and administrator of the RPM Homeschooling Parents’ Facebook, group with over 750 members worldwide, and also teaches advanced RPM students via on-line group classes.


Lisa Bailey (Canada)

Parent Advisor

Lisa Bailey began teaching her son Fox with RPM in May 2014. She was looking for a new educational method geared towards non-verbal autistic students which would not be focused on extinguishing behaviors or repeatedly drilling basic skills. That year, Lisa travelled to HALO with her son to do a 4-day camp with Soma and found what she was looking for and so much more. RPM was completely transformational. It not only improved Fox's quality of life, but also that of their whole family. 


As Lisa’s passion about RPM grew, she wanted to help others also achieve success with it. So in 2016, she became a certified RPM Practitioner and in 2018 she co-founded RPM Ontario in Canada with three other RPM Practitioners. She now works with students all over Ontario. Lisa is also a co-moderator of the RPM Homeschooling Parents’ Facebook group, its mission is to help parents learn how to do RPM at home with their children. RPM — which Soma continues to develop and innovate — is a perfect match for Lisa’s belief in lifelong learning and growth.

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