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HALO - Helping Autism through Learning and Outreach HALO - Helping Autism through Learning and Outreach
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Learning RPM - RPM Training

Soma RPM 4-Day Introductory Course is a beginner course of instruction conducted by Soma Mukhopadhyay at the HALO Clinic in Austin, TX. The concentrated teaching in this 4-day course is intended for professionals and parents with a serious interest in RPM.

We offer a course for professionals and a course for parents (please see pre requisites ) each semester (spring, summer & fall). Participants may include parents, teachers, therapists, aides, administrators, psychologists and others.

Dates for next courses offered:

There will be no courses scheduled this summer. Check back on May 15,2019 for updated information and announcement of dates for Fall training classes.

The 4-day course will be held Tuesday-Friday, 9am to 3p (max 10 participants).

The training course is for educational purposes only and is meant to introduce the methodology and implementation of RPM for beginners. Attendees that complete this course are not permitted to conduct their own training of RPM, hold workshops or presentations on RPM.

The tuition is $950 per person.

Please note the prerequisites below and email information@halo-soma.org to request application to be emailed to you.

Please email HALO at information@halo-soma.org to request an application be sent to you. Applicants that we are unable to accommodate for the upcoming course will be placed on a waitlist for the next scheduled course. Courses may be offered each semester for a total of 3 courses each year. Applications must be complete with signature and date. Applications must be submitted via email or mail ONLY (please, no faxes).

1)* Parents applying must have a child (student) that attended either a "camp" or sessions at HALO or child (student) attended sessions with Soma at a local RPM Workshop . Exception will be made if your child (student) has had sessions with a Certified RPM Provider , please verify credentials of provider by contacting HALO)

2) Along with completed application must also submit to HALO one 5 minute video clip (can email to us using any file sharing service such as google drive for example) of RPM use (demonstrating application of written choices with a teach-then-ask example) with their child.

For Professionals applying should include one 5 minute video clip (can email to us using any file sharing service such as google drive for example) of RPM use (demonstrating application of written choices with a teach-then-ask example) with their student. Professionals applying must have either visited HALO to observe student sessions with Soma , or observed student sessions at a local Soma RPM workshop, or attended a conference where Soma presented on RPM or watched a "camp" DVD of a student that attended camp at HALO /or a Soma RPM Workshop (*Please note we do not provide dvds of campers for this . This would have to be a known student from whom you have gotten permission from parents to view their dvd of sessions) Also acceptable is viewing recorded sessions conducted by a Certified RPM Provider and lastly another option is the viewing of the Soma RPM Conference DVD (available for purchase at our online store). Professionals must submit a brief bio along with their application.

1) Within 90days of completing the course you must submit to 5minute video clip with accompanying lesson plan to HALO (via email using a file share service such as google drive) demonstrating the application of RPM following the written lesson plan. Upon receipt you will be contacted to schedule a 25minute follow-up skype or face time. The consultation (included in the course fee) will be with Soma. Soma will review the lesson plan and watch the video clip submission prior to the scheduled follow up to discuss, trouble-shoot and answer any questions. Upon satisfactory completion you will receive a "Certificate of Completion" of the course. This is not equal to Certification in RPM .

Soma® RPM Introductory Course:


An intensive ,interactive introduction to RPM , which will combine daily lecture , guided and critiqued practice , viewing of video footage, oral & written coursework. For attendees this course is intended to help expand your basic knowledge about the fundamental principles of RPM . The "how and why"it works for many students. Therefore applicants for this course whether parent or Professional , must meet the "pre requisites" . For professionals they must have prior exposure to RPM (see "Post requisites/Requirements) and also already using RPM in either a clinic or educational environment . This course is not for the purpose of introducing to Professionals "how to " begin using RPM or how to become an RPM Professional. If you are a professional that is not currently using RPM basics with students (using choices , lesson planning) This is not a course to instruct you on how to start. This course is for those already implementing RPM that want to gain formal training conducted by Soma for beginners.

Day 1: Method and Assessment - includes: Identifying open learning channels and different types of students, assessing stims , teaching "difficult" students, working through "tough" situations, understanding brain function in autism.

Day 2: Implementation-includes: How to teach the procedure of learning , the how and why of prompting and teaching with choices, motor function and memory in the brain, the hierarchy of response, choosing and adapting with appropriate response mode,measuring and testing student progress and knowledge.

Day 3: Lesson Planning- includes:Methods of teaching /learning , components of a lesson plan, selecting and adapting age-level curriculum and subject matter to each individual student and the situation, developing reasoning skills and advanced communication.

Day 4: Peer review, trouble shooting, selecting , writing and implementing student goals ,questions and answers , oral and written practice and testing.

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